A Cute Nightmare

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 5.20.26 PM.pngI am currently OBSESSED with this girl on the internet known as That Poppy. I first found out about her through her EP entitled Bubblebath. She makes mostly bubblegum pop, with some interesting music videos. She’s been described as a mix between Princess Peach and Electra Heart, which I agree on. Her songs are definately quotable, and catchy, and the music videos poke fun at pop stars being linked with the illuminati and satanic references. Her songs and videos are fun and quirky, and something instantly loveable. I always catch myself singing, “if money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous?”

But there was something I noticed that was a little weird. All these conspiracy theory channels were making videos about her, and saying that they’ve “explained” her, or saying they’ve discovered “the truth” about That Poppy. So I kind of had to see what was going on, and what I found, made me become an even bigger fan of her.

As well as her Vevo which showcases her music, she has a youtube channel that features extremely weird videos, directed by Titanic Sinclair (a whole other can of worms tbh) with seemingly random topics. She usually stands perfectly still, almost Barbie-like, and lip-syncs to her own voice. The videos vary from her saying she wants to “reboot”, saying that she likes her sunglassestalking about the internet to frequent interviews with a mannequin named Charlotte. Her videos can be extremely unsettling, and almost-dream like. (or nightmarish) Everyone has their own idea of what That Poppy is. But I think it’s best to watch her videos first, and then try and figure out what the hell is going on with her.

If you know about That Poppy, tell me what you think about her!

Photo Credit: Tumblr, and Youtube


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