“Street Lolita”

Another clothing goal I have for autumn is to start breaking the rules of lolita and wearing it far more casually. I have enough skirts and tee shirts to pull some really adorable looks together that are far more “me”. I couldn’t do it very much in the summer because it’s so hot, and lolita involves layers. I think ALBinwonderland,  and Skullita do AMAZING with this. The coordinates I want to do are not ultra casual, but they do include non-lolita items like sneakers, tee shirts, or skirts that aren’t actual lolita skirts. I want to be able to plan non-lolita outfits that feature some of my lolita skirts accessories.

I feel like doing things like this can help me cultivate a better personal style, both in and out of lolita. I definately think it’s good for any lolita who understands the rules to branch out and have a bit of fun with their clothes.

Even in Japan, girls are wearing lolita in a bit more casual way, and mixing it with other styles.  The store, Park Harajuku even has a character that wears a slightly less elaborate form of lolita! I think breaking the rules to such a strict fashion can create something new and exciting! I’m so ready to try it out.

Photo credit: Deerstalker Pictures, Tokyo Fashion, Putumayo, Park Harajuku, ALB In Wonderland, and Skullita (instagram and blog are above)


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