New Vibes

Fall is coming, which means I FINALLY get to wear cute clothes again. All of the clothes I like involve layers, or tights, so fall is the one season I get to dress in my ideal clothes. But with a new season, means I have new vibes and aesthetics I want to channel in my clothes.

This is a breakdown of some of the styles, vibes, or aesthetics I want to try out, and how I am going about doing it.

Since Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday, I would love to get more of a witchy vibe with my clothing. Things that remind me of American Horror Story: Coven, like a wide brimmed black fedora would be cool. The outfits in that season were so on point, I can’t even. (I liked Madison’s clothes the best, even though I hATED the character)

I’d love to have a nice black dress with contrast sleeve cuffs and a white collar like Wednesday Addams, (even though she’s not technically a witch…) Or anything with flowy sleeves or a cape would be super cool. Something really popular that I’d like is a cute pentagram harness. They’re a great statement piece and they’re pretty cheap!

full35338932_b.jpgI’d also love to have some nice silver rings and necklaces too. Just an overall creepy, mysterious witch vibe would be super amazing for fall.

Moving away from all the doom and gloom, another aesthetic I’d love to delve into is a uniform-inspired look. I’ve always loved how school uniforms look, especially when they’ve been modified to fit one’s personal style.

I’ve already started creating my looks by owning two pleated plaid skirts, (one is technically a kilt but eh who’s counting) And I just bought an ultra cute jumper skirt (like the first picture) that I need to get hemmed. I also need button downs, blazers, and cardigans. I would love a skirt and blouse set from Deandri, so I could combine both my witchy needs, and my uniform-y needs all in one! A good pair of platform patent leather mary janes would also look great. For accessories, a small backpack, and an array of berets in different colors would be ideal.

Scream Queens is a show that has officially won my heart, (next season is gonna be LIT) and I think the Chanels’ luxe looks are something I dream of wearing.

Loads of fake fur and feathers, pastel colors, and the mixture of textures is so amazing, I absolutely love it! The ultra feminine look is something that I really love, and I’m very upset that I haven’t taken advantage of it sooner! I want to start getting skirts with different, interesting textures and fabrics like feathers or brocade, and some great fur accessories like shrugs or a cute jacket. I don’t think I’ll be sporting Chanel #3’s earmuffs anytime soon, but I will try out her love of nice necklaces and more tailored looks. The key here I think, is looking at vintage stores and doing a lot of thrifting. The Chanels wear designer clothes all the time, which is impossible for the everyday college student.

For me, autumn is the perfect time to experiment with new styles and I hope to be showing you my looks very very soon!



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