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If you couldn’t tell, Harley Quinn is my favorite character of all time. And Suicide Squad is making a lot of money now, (the sequel may be R-Rated!) and she’s finally gaining popularity! (Hopefully people will read and find out her relationship with Joker isn’t like it is in the movie…) There’s been a giant boom of black girls dressing up as her, and I’m LOVING IT!! These girls are BOMB AS HELL.

Like, I’m bald. They snatched my edges. They’re getting super creative with the hair, doing space buns, curly twintails, and  braids, instead of just straight pigtails. I love how fun and carefree they’re looking, and it makes me happy to see them being praised! There are also loads of makeup tutorials, this one being my favorite, for Harley Quinn makeup for people with darker skin.

Like these girls are the embodiment of black girl magic, I can’t wait to see what will happen when Cyborg and Wonder Woman both come out. (I need Serena Williams as Wonder Woman. It’s what we deserve.)

But seriously, black Harley Quinn cosplays are the future, I love them, and it makes me so happy to see! Harley Quinn herself would be proud!

GalleryComics_1920x1080_20160413_HarleyGang01_CVR_56f318456f8a51.37611948Don’t forget, she has an entire gang of girls who dress just like her!

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