Forget Safety, Be Notorious


I started watching The Get Down on Netflix, and honestly, I don’t know why everybody is acting like Stranger Things is the best show right now when that exists. It’s not just a great show about the 70s’ and the beginning of hip hop, but it’s actually extremely revolutionary.

The show takes place in 1977 in the Bronx, but doesn’t just show the suffering and plight of people of black people. It showcases our culture, the things we’ve created for ourselves, and carefree black and latino teenagers. The show is so colorful and visually pleasing, the music is wonderful, the characters have so many layers, and are so loveable. (Can Dizzee be my best friend plz??) The creativity and pride these characters show in their crafts is almost tangible though. It’s not a show that makes me think “I wanna do what they’re doing, it looks cool”. It makes me want to chase my own passion. Like, this is the type of show that drives me to do what I love against all odds.

This show also talks about sexuality, race, and political power, in ways that they still seem relatable today. It’s a show that takes place in the past, but you can still see the connection to today.

I think my favorite things about this show have to be:

  1. Mylene and her friends, (their strong girl-power bond is so nice and refreshing from the catty girl friendships we see now on TV)
  2. The way Shao has to do three million karate flips and kicks before he talks to anyone.
  3. How the craft of being a DJ is shown.  I think now it’s just seen as “cool” but this show lets it be seen as a trade that one must learn and master.
  4. The way music uplifts a neighborhood that no one seems to care about, and gives people a lot of opportunities.
  5. Mylene’s choir scene was a spiritual journey and I loved every second of it.
  6. Literally any time Zeke smiled
  7. And I especially love how Dizzee’s character is basically Jaden Smith’s tweets but with an Afro. I really did relate to the story he writes about. He’s such an important character, bless him.

In a time where black culture isn’t really seen as a culture, this show is helping us take back what is ours, and show pride in our history, and the path that we’ve forged on our own. Please do watch The Get Down. It’s the show of the year! 1000/10


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