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I Am Hidden Underground

Trigger warning! This post does talk about kidnapping, please read with caution


Melanie Martinez just released a double feature for her two songs, Tag You’re It, and Milk and Cookies. And I’m always really excited to see what she’d think of, but this time I was anticipating the video even more because these songs I think are the most climactic and dramatic songs on the album Now, this was two songs in one video, so I’m going to make two separate posts for each song so the post doesn’t get too long.

I thought Tag You’re It would show more of Crybaby being held captive by the “Wolf”, rather than him just stalking her. Melanie was being uncharacteristically subdued and far less dramatic as she walked around town. Usually it looks like she’s screaming and crying and scratching, even when she’s unaware of the danger she’s in. (for example: Pity Party, Soap, and Training Wheels) She threw out her decorations from her pity party, and went grocery shopping. It was at the end of the song where the carried her into his ice cream truck while she was unconscious. I hoped to see Melanie fight for her freedom, or be carried away like she was in the story book:774cd1a0bc3009efa57904eccc8dfd31.430x429x1.png

Only because I think Melanie could have done a very good job with the acting, and it would have been more dramatic and haunting, much like the song itself.

With costuming, I was pretty happy with it! I also loved her dress and hair in this video, it was very flowy and sheer, almost like a nightgown. I also think the bow in her hair was a cute touch! I think I would have liked the wolf’s costume better if it was a cheap costume mask instead of a mascot head. Kind of like the rabbit doctor in the Crybaby video.

I liked this video, I didn’t love it, I think it could have had some more creative elements, but maybe it wasn’t in the budget, or Melanie might just like it the way it is! Idk, but I do think the song is good. Stay tuned for my opinion on Milk and Cookies!

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