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Summertime Emo: Tips and Tricks

Summer’s almost over, but while the weather’s still hot, I thought I’d give my tips for those who wear mostly/only black even in the hottest of weather. These aren’t amazing lifehacks or things like that, they’re just ways to accommodate your clothing in such hot weather.

  1. Wear loose fitting clothing. It’s much breezier and easier to spend all day in loose fitting clothing than a tight black tee shirt. it allows more air to get to your body, and it’s way less uncomfortable when you get sweaty.
  2. I like to wear low-top shoes in the summer, things like Vans are really nice. They’re a lot less heavy than boots. It’s not a lot of difference, but it does help!
  3. I tend to stay away from hats, hoodies, anything that can cover my head, really. Most of your body heat comes from your head, so try and keep things off your head and forehead. I usually keep my hair up in twintails or space buns during the summer because my hair basically acts like a hat sometimes.
  4. skirts are my best friend!! They’re crazy breezy, even longer ones can keep you cool in the summer heat.
  5. If you still want to wear layers or long clothing, try buying white pieces for summer. You can still look super goth/alt in white.
  6. Carrying a UV protective umbrella can really help cool you down in the hot sun. I can find a lot of stores in Chinatown that sell really nice cheap ones.
  7. If you’re like me and you love tights or long socks and you still want to wear them in the summer, try fishnets, knee socks, or ruffled ankle socks instead of OTKs or thigh highs! Sock has a lot of great selections! Also, try and get them in a thinner material.

But styling aside, please try to dress for the weather and drink plenty of water! Summer makes it hard to look cute af (I know that more than anyone) so I hope those of you who still wear black in the summer stay cool!!


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