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Tee Shirt Couture

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.57.25 PM.png

Hi, nice to meet you, I am the child of Holly Golightly. I was feeling super duper fancy today, so I “dressed up” in one of my favorite tee shirts and a pair of shorts, and layered on two long strands of pearls. This look reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d play with my grandmother’s jewelry and make my normal clothes “fancier”. I also added a bright (this picture doesn’t really show that though) red lipstick and neutral eye makeup for a classic look. The lipstick was from NARS, it’s amazing, it lasted all freaking day with me eating and drinking!

My pearls are vintage costume jewelry, my shirt is from Moschino. It’s super comfertable and amazingly soft. It’s the longest tee shirt I own, going right past my shorts. Speaking of which, they’re from Forever 21. I can’t recall where my shoes are from, but they’re super nice and surprisingly lightweight!

I really love doing these dressed up looks. I’d definately do this look again, I want to get a big black pair of Jackie O sunglasses to wear with this look because I think it’d really pull it together. I think this look is really fun because it plays with very classic accessories, but the base of this outfit is casual and comfertable. It’s pretty easy to replicate, (fake pearls, big white tee shirt, red lipstick and sneakers!) So I recommend people trying this style out too!


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