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Worst. Heros. Ever.


I FINALLY saw Suicide Squad in theaters, and let me tell you! I had a blast!! This made Batman Vs. Superman look like crap. (I mean I liked that movie at first, but it was lackluster) Suicide Squad took the classic “superhero team” trope and put a really fun spin on it. The characters were amazing but it kept me wanting more!

Viola Davis KILLED IT as Amanda Waller. She was ruthless, and could be far more evil than the so called “bad guys”.  I mean, she killed six people in the blink of an eye. I think my favorite character that I want more of, had to be Killer Croc. That might be because I know his backstory, but I wish I saw more of him and him and his personality.

I was loving El Diablo’s passive character being called out by multiple characters. I was also loving him turning into a big fire skeleton and finally standing for something instead refusing to fight and acting as if they weren’t all part of a team. I loved the scenes with Deadshot and his daughter, and how he really wanted her to know that he wasn’t a bad person. I think a lot of these “Villains” were actually morally ambiguous. Which I think is far more fun to play with than just a “hero”.

Cara Delevingne did a much better job than I expected. I loved her as Dr. June Moone aka Enchantress. I thought it was interesting that she was the true villain of the story. I was wondering how she was going to fight like the rest of them. Her romance with Rick Flagg, while calculated by Waller, was very sweet and didn’t seem extremely forced. I can’t stand a movie where they feel like they have to add a romance piece, but it made sense in this situation and added depth to an otherwise dislikeable character like Flagg.

While the idea of Joker and Harley’s relationship didn’t go like how I expected, the ending kind of made me think that they’re going to drag out Harley’s eventual redemption and freedom from Joker’s hold on her. (Margot Robbie confirmed there’s a Harley movie in the works… so I have hope) We did catch a glimpse of  Harley being independent from Joker, however, that was only when she thought he was dead. Harley and Joker’s relationship was kinda romanticized which is super gross. I’m upset a lot of the scenes of  the actual abuse between Joker and Harley were cut, because what was shown sends the message that Joker cares for her. (he does doesn’t) The only time it seemed like he didn’t care for her was when their car crashed into the river, and he left Harley there to die. I did like the mixing of Harley’s New 52 origin and her original origin when she chose to dive in the chemical vat, instead of Joker pushing her. With Harley’s character, I would love more independence, but they did show her as a strong member of the team, and a dangerous adversary.

I think these characters were rough on the outside but definately loveable, I want to see more of all of them! Especially those who have great potential for their own movie, like Katana.  The movie was a wild ride and I highly recommend seeing it in theaters! There’s definately more I could say about this movie, but I want you to see it for yourselves and form your own opinion.


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