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Childhood Dreams

With Pokemon Go becoming a national craze, (as it should be!) And it did the one thing that people everywhere have been asking for: it made pokemon REAL! Now, this got me thinking, what other things from my childhood or other cartoons that I’d love to be “real”. Like Sailor Moon or Teen Titans. (omg a Sailor Moon Go would be a dream) Anyways, that’s besides the point. Pokemon Go is actually everywhere, and is starting to actually help people!

I remember when people were like “if pokemon was real, it’d be such a dark universe and everything would never work out like it did in the show or the games, but so far, everything is turning out really nicely! Small businesses are taking advantage of their restaurants being poké-stops and asking customers to show their rarest pokemon, or see if they own the owner’s favorite pokemon for a discount on a meal. (that actually happens in the show omg) I think it’s super cute and amazing!

Also, people with mental illness get outside and make friends with people. I’ve heard countless people say it’s help them make friends, distract them from their troubles, and helping them exercise. This is a game that you have to walk around to play, and more importantly, you need to be outside! (though I do wish they released this game in like, mid September, so that I could go outside for more than 2 minutes without sweating everywhere)

I know a lot of people are complaining about this game, saying people are on their phones all the time, and I’ve seen news channels constantly trying to find something wrong with this game, but honestly, big picture, it’s helping a lot of people, and it’s just super fun, and makes a lot of people happy! 10/10 Pokemon Go is the future.



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