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Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.05.01 PM.png

Last weekend was Baby The Stars Shine Bright’s 2nd Anniversary celebration. I decided this was an excuse to wear my favorite skirt! I was going for a cutesy goth trickster demon look. It’s like who I am inside. Sweet but poison.

But I had to do some working to make it a little more easy to wear in the hot weather. So I decided to wear some ankle socks, and my natural hair in pigtails. I think it really love this look, they taper down really nicely! In my hair, I used some black devil horns from ZombieUnicorn Jewelry on Storenvy, and two purple flowers in my hair from a Surface Spell Gothic dress. My top, necklace, and skirt are from Alice and the Pirates, (the edgy sister brand of Baby) and my shoes are from Bodyline. My petticoat is from Classical Puppets. (you will never need another one) This is my favorite look I’ve done so far. It fits my aesthetic so perfectly and it’s so darn cute!!


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