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Punk Girl Scout Leader


I kinda had to stop calling every single outfit of the day post ootd, it was getting a little bit old. But none the less, here’s my outfit from yesterday!

My top and bag are from Dolls Kill, my vest was originally a white acid-wash vest from Maurices, but I modified it to fit my Rad Femme needs. I definately wanna do a whole post on this vest, because I have such an inflated amount of pride because I did all the sewing and dying myself!! Ok enough about the vest, my shorts are from Forever 21 and my boots are plain old doc martins.

I really wanted to show off my vest that I made, and also to fully throw myself into a Kate Nash feminist girl gang-y aesthetic. I really wanted to wear something kind of edgy and loud so I decided that the best way to do that was to voice my opinions through my clothing! It’s super fun, you should do it some time.



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