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Firefly Music Festival

Last saturday, my sister, my mom, and I went down to the Woodlands at Dover Downs and spent a day at the Firefly music festival. I went once in 2013, but this is the second time for sure. While I wasn’t such a big fan of the artist list, (last year’s was waaayyy better. I shoulda gone) the other activities there kept me interested for the whole day. That and the crazy amount of high fives people kept asking for. Like seriously, the line was just big “good game” pass like in middle school. Everybody is so friendly there! I met two girls while passing in line and then we made plans to meet up later. (sadly, we never did) I told one girl I liked her shoes, and we ended up having a deep conversation!

]There was a secluded area in the trees full of hammocks so people could relax, the Thicket was LIT!! (The thicket is a silent disco with 2 DJs, one playing some club bangers, the other playing indie songs, and emo songs. That guy played I Write Sins Not Tragedies, I was having a good time) There were also people selling clothes, art, jewelry, doing body paint, and even small game areas where you could play games like bean bags.

I regret not getting a lot of pictures, I was just so swept up in the crowd, and everything that was going on. While Firefly isn’t one of the crazy popular music festivals like Coachella, I suggest you go, a lot of high quality people come to perform.


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