Is This What The Internet Sounds Like??

unnamed-2-e1453924894108 I recently got into this EDM artist Shawn Wasabi (also known as SSSSHAWNNNN) and honestly, not gonna lie, if the Internet had a soundtrack, this would be it. A lot of his songs are mashups of different electronic songs, for example, his song Pizza Rolls features Bangarang by Skrillex. (along with Misery Business by Paramore) I like how he names his songs after foods, like Mac n’ Cheese, Purple Yams, and my favorite song, Burnt Rice.

His songs are really quirky and fun, he’s another artist I’d love to create a soundtrack to my life. His songs have a kinda cartoonish or video game-y (is that a word?) feel. While I’m not a fan of songs that remind me of Mario Kart, Shawn Wasabi’s songs are so addicting that I can’t really bring myself to care. I’m far too hype because I’m listening to Marble Soda for the third time in a row.

His songs make me wanna jump crazy high, try backflips, and live my life as the world’s cutest chaotic neutral comic book character.

If you like electronic music, dubstep, and things that remind you of the internet, listen to Shawn Wasabi. And follow him on twitter if you like reading tweets from a human meme.

Photo credit: x x


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