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“A Love Letter To LA”

Last friday was Moschino’s menswear and Resort fashion show in LA. I wasn’t able to attend the show, but I was able to watch it live from my computer. (not as exciting, but it feels kinda special to watch a show live) The line was called “A Love Letter To LA” and the over the top 1970s’ Flower Power aesthetic was so fun and playful, I adored it.

Scott played with a lot of different 70s’ fashion staples like floppy newsboy caps, oversized cargo jackets, bell bottoms, and macrame. Even those silly umbrella hats! The mix of prints, and bright colors caught me off guard at first, I mean, this is a ready to wear collection, so these are the actual pieces that would be in stores. I couldn’t imagine seeing people on the streets in green and orange striped bell bottoms, or a macrame maxi dress! (then I had a little realization that it may look a little tamer with the right pieces)

This isn’t one of my favorite collections, but I think that the details and accessories are amazing. The jewels on the big sunglasses, embellishments on the motorcycle jacket bags, chunky jewelry, and platform shoes were the best parts. Oh, and the oversized T-shirts. But that’s neither here nor there. My point is, that the accessories are definitely key parts in these looks.

If I had to rate this collection, it’d be an 7/10. I love the color palate, the details, and the concept, but the overall finished product was good. Not great.

But that’s just my opinion. What did you think?


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