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Yesterday, a friend and I were exploring the Lower East Side of Manhattan (desperate for water) and found this super cool bookstore/cafe called Bluestockings on 172 Allen St. (right near Baby, the Stars Shine Bright… that block is honestly heaven for me) Like, it’s got everything. Feminist stuff, free water (pretty sure all their food is vegan friendly), board games, graphic novels, and SO MANY COOL BOOKS!!! It’s volunteer run, they abide by a “safe space” policy,  and they host events like open-mic poetry, book clubs, meet-ups for liberal groups, and so much more. My friend and I sat in the little seating area and played dominoes before I found out they sell so many cool social rights patches! I got three to sew on to my vest I’m so happy!

They were $2 each which was really nice. Like, how cute are they!!

They also sold pins, diva cups, playing cards, and other stuff with feminist slogans all over them.

Here’s there website definitely visit them if you can. It’s awesome!


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