Prince of the Playground


Melanie Martinez released another music video for her album Crybaby, this time, it’s the song Alphabet Boy. I gave you guys my opinions on her music video for  Crybaby last time, and I wasn’t that big of a fan of it. But this time I can say 100% without a doubt I LOVED this video.

She had this cool 1960s’ children’s show aesthetic that I was totally digging. I was feeling the retro color pallet with all of the powder pinks, light blues and muted yellows. And her OUTFIT! (WHERE 2 COP like FR I want those overalls and that necklace) I was loving her hair, (60s’ hair bumps are honestly the best) and her makeup was amazing, of course. I think she was sporting her new Lime Crime lipstick shade, “Teddybear”

Close-up of her eye makeup

The video itself is Melanie playing around with childish alphabet related items, such as cereal, fridge magnets, and building blocks. (also like… knives and stuff but whatever, it’s chill)  The video followed the classic sing-along “Follow the Bouncing Ball” format which I thought was a really cute touch. Melanie defiantely has an eye for detail and aesthetics when it comes to her videos, and I think this video exemplifies her amazing way of adding small touches to make her music videos really special.

I think the song has a slight feminist tone to it, and bashes the idea that boys know everything and that they should treat girls like children who don’t know anything. I heard the song is actually about Melanie’s ex boyfriend who used to tell her to write songs that were far deeper and more sad. (Honestly, I’m glad she didn’t listen to him bc Carousel is a freaking bop and the music video deserves it’s own post. (tbh Playdate and Dead to Me are bops too))

I give this video a 10/10 I was really into it, and the song’s not even one that I care too much about!

What did you think of her new video? Let me know!

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