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French Tears

I’m loving this boom of Larmé Kei that I’ve been seeing on tumblr. Larme, (which means “tears” in french) It’s such a delicate style that is slightly simple in a way, but can still be eye catching and noticeable.

The style started from the Japanese magazine “Larme” in 2012, and is a mix of “sweet” and “sensual” aesthetics. Some people think the more casual style falls in line with the american coquette look at times. (Like what Delores wore in the 90s’ “Lolita” movie) I’ve noticed the key in larme is not looking too put together or having just one vibe going on. Larme is a mix of everything! From mixing chiffons and fluffy pom poms or feathers with PVC and leather, to blacks with soft pastel colors. I love every bit of it! It’s so angelic and romantic, yet kind of tragic in a way…? Like when I picture wearing it, I kind of get this tragic and dramatic aura surrounding the style.

Things popular in larme include stuffed animals as bags, (especially ones that look vintage) fluffy boudoir slippers, chiffon skirts, heart shaped or wire sunglasses, platform mary janes, and ruffly socks, also under eye blush and sequin freckles seem to be popular in makeup.

One of the great things about Larme is that while you can order from Japanese brands like Swankiss, Katie, Syrup, Bon Bon, or Rosemarie Seoir, but you don’t have to! Lots of basic American stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Newlook sell things that can easily be used in larme fashion!

I think Larme is a great style for people who think they wanna start wearing Japanese street fashion but don’t wanna do anything too insane. It’s adventurous and stylish, but you won’t stick out too much for wearing it!

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