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Plz Chill Out


So yesterday, I finally saw Captain America: Civil War. And lemme tell you, everybody in this movie needs to CALM THE HECK DOWN! LIKE SERIOUSLY!  Everybody was yelling and trying to kill each other, it was a mess! Just like Batman vs. Superman, except they don’t have Wonder Woman there to help them CHILL OUT AND FOCUS

I thought the movie was good, but not because of the major characters like Tony, Steve, or even freaking Clint, who I was surprised to see. I was actually hype for seeing BLACK PANTHER WHO SLAYED MY LIFE  I LOVE THAT MAN! THE PRINCE WHO CAPTURED MY HEART OMF. He was strong and masculine but he was never unwilling to admit he was wrong, like, all people need to take a page out of his book, he’s the best.  And like, Spiderman was super dorky and cute, I related a lot to him. I like how he actually looked sixteen and not twenty five. (but his aunt looked SUPER YOUNG!!! LIKE WAAY TOO FREAKING YOUNG!!)  Ant Man was there too for some reason…? And I might actually watch his movie now because his character was another comic relief character who didn’t take himself too seriously.

Speaking of comic relief, am I the only one who thinks Marvel is trying a little too hard to add funny moments in the middle of serious scenes? Like, at first it was refreshing, but now I just feel like the jokes are just thrown in. I’d like to see scenes stay kinda dark and gritty  for more than 5 minutes.

I’m also a bit tired of the storyline all together. The whole thing where they save a city! Hooray! …But then people get mad because people died in the process is getting kind of old and repetitive. (I mean, I’m gonna see the next one, but if they keep going with this, I feel like people won’t wanna keep watching.)

Now, this was not as good as the first Avengers movie, (that is still the best one in my opinion) but with the characters they’ve added, and that one fight scene that wasn’t even the climactic fight scene but (spoiler…?) Ant Man got all giant and Spiderman was being a lil cute baby was gr8, so if they can keep adding cool people and fun fight scenes, I think I won’t roll my eyes at the next TWENTY SEVEN MARVEL MOVIES COMING OUT IN THE NEXT NINE YEARS

My rating is a 8/10. Good, but not great.

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