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Genderless Kei

There’s a new trend that’s been hitting the streets of Japan lately called genderless kei. (Kei means style) People are throwing gender stereotypes to the side and embracing an androgynous style featuring a lot of short bowl cuts, soft, youthful looking makeup complete with circle lenses and pore-less skin, and clothing that does not feel either masculine or feminine. I’ve noticed a lot of people who identify as boys wearing this style, and I really like that, since fashion is seen as a “girly” thing. But I’d love to see people with other body types besides slim and thin bodies.

I hope this style doesn’t turn into something that disregards actual genderless people. What I hope it does do is show people that clothing has no gender, and helps genderless people or other non-binary people become more accepted. (PLEASE NO TREATING GENDERLESS FRIENDS LIKE TRENDY ACCESSORIES NONSENSE)

I really like this look, I think I’d make a low-key attempt at it, but I have very feminine features so I don’t know if it will pass as “genderless” (but honestly who tf cares??) But I have a lot of leggings and oversized tee shirts, so I can probably pull a little something together.

To sum up my opinions on it: I think it’s a great way to help people disregard gender stereotypes, and I think it’s super cute.

Pictures: x x x x x x x x


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