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Getting SERIOUS Girl Gang Vibes

These silk varsity jackets, or their real name, sukajan (which means souvenir jacket) are becoming crazy popular right now. They’re everywhere!  Gucci featured them in one of their collections, as did Louis Vuitton and urban outfitters is beginning to sell less elaborate versions. (TBH not a fan of the UO ones because I feel like these jackets are supposed to be a bit showy and garish. They’re a statement piece) I started spotting them in Harajuku snapshots, and it’s spread across the oceans to the shoulders of the people in Soho.

Sukajan most likely started during the World War II. American soldiers wanted something extremely reminiscent of Japan to take home. So these jackets were created

These jackets are so stylishly tacky. They remind me of something Ichiko would wear in Kamikaze Girls. (which is a great movie, and a great book) They’re so bold and rebellious looking, I want one, and I want all of my friends to have one so I can have a sukajan girl gang. (tell me if u wanna join so I can prep you for initiation)

I’d definitely want an oversized one (but not too big) that I could wear with one of my Omocat tee shirts and leggings. (And a cool pair of black boots, of course) I think this is a really cool trend, and I need to bite the bullet and hop on it! So should you!

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