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Dolls Kill Haul/Review

I got a couple cute things from Dolls Kill since they were having a 20% off sale two weeks ago. And I was pretty happy with my purchases! (btw this isn’t sponsored)

The first thing I got was this cute crop top called the Grin and Bear it Bowback shirt from Iron Fist! I got it in a size small.IMG_3117IMG_3155 It was a little big on me, but I’m sure it’ll shrink in the wash so I’m not that worried. The colors were a little duller than they were on the website which can be expected, but I was a little disappointed about that. The shirt was $35, but with the 20% discount it was about $28. I’ve worn this shirt a couple times already and I really like it. I own a lot of black so it’s nice to get some fun color in my wardrobe now since it’s spring. I like it because I can wear it with a lot of the black things I own now for a pop of color, or, what I really wanna do, is have a look where it’s all colorful. (bc maan I’ve been wearing black for too long)

The next items I got were this cute Girl Gang cropped shirt and Aurora Borealis choker.


The top fits just a basic unisex tee shirt that’s been cut into a crop top, so it was not as form-fitting as my other shirts. I think it’s a cute basic piece, and I’d love to wear it with my feminist vest, and docs for a kind of feminist punk look. This shirt was 32 dollars, but after the discount it was $25.60.

I’m in love with the choker! It’s got small iridescent rhinestones,IMG_3158.jpg

which I think is a nice touch instead of spikes or just regular rhinestones. I also like the color I picked out because it helps mix cute elements with the edgier idea of a studded choker. But if you don’t like the baby pink, it comes in five other colors! It was originally $20 but I was able to get it for $16

I also got a skirt from Kreepsville 666 (that name is everything tbh)which I’m in love with


I got a medium, and I’m glad I did because I’m pretty sure this skirt’s gonna shrink! I love the spiderweb pattern, but it’s not part of the fabric, so I’m afraid that with time it will crack or wear off. But hopefully I can prevent that by washing it inside out and ironing it from the inside. I love the skirt overall though, it’s a nice break from my usual black tennis skirts so I’ll definitely have to wear this out soon. It’s never too early to wear something Halloween-ish (even in the summer. bc being low-key emo as heck isn’t a seasonal gig) The skirt isn’t on sale anymore on Dolls Kill, but it may be still selling on other sites.

My last item is this ADORABLE Sugar Baby purse that I’ve been wanting for months!


I’ve always loved the snarky conversation hearts designs, but this one is my favorite! I think I have a weakness for cross-body bags because that’s honestly all I buy! It’s a small bag, but I can fit my wallet, keys, metro card, phone, along with all of the garbage I keep in my purse, so I’m not stressing. I definitely want to wear this with a cute Clueless inspired outfit with this bag. It was originally $38 dollars, but I got it for $30.40 with the 20% discount.

Overall I’d say I’m happy with what I got, and the shipping was free and it came to me in TWO DAYS WITH TRACKING!! Which is mega rad! However, Dolls Kill can be crazy expensive, and they’ve been known to be problematic, so I think I’ll only be shopping with them if they have a sale.

Pro Tip: go on their website, if you see something you like, check to see if the brand has its own website and buy from there.



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