Magically Delicious


YO lemme tell you about a place on Mott Street that’ll give you crazy delicious and super cute ice cream, and free toppings, for only seven freaking dollars!!

10Below is a really popular ice cream spot in New York. While it looks like a little hole in-the-wall ice cream place, it’s really good! It’s not super sweet, and it’s made right in front of you! They start with regular cream, spread it out on a pan, and put in the flavoring you ask for. Like, if it’s strawberry, they’ll put graham crackers and cut up strawberries in the cream.

I’m a person who’s really into presentation when it comes to food, and this place does not disappoint. You can watch them make the ice cream and shape them into cute little rolls, and then add different toppings like fruit, pretzels, chocolate, or marshmallows. (they burn it in front of you and for some reason I love that)

The lines might be crazy long sometimes, but it’s worth the wait. The ice cream is delicious, and super cute! 9/10 would recommend. (One point off because of the small space and long lines, but the food itself is REALLY GOOD!!)

There are 2 locations, one in Chinatown: 10 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

And one in Flushing, which is in Queens: 136-17 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354

I’ve only been to the Chinatown location, but I don’t doubt the one in Queens isn’t just as good.


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