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I mentioned before when I talked about the AOMG concert I went to, that I think people should try listening to Kpop, or Khiphop (Korean pop and Korean hip hop) before writing it off or dismissing it because they don’t know the language. I think it’s so fun and catchy that the language barrier doesn’t really matter that much. So, I’m gonna give you a list of Kpop acts that I think are worth checking out.

  1. Seventeen


Seventeen is an idol group (idol means that they are a trained artist, usually they sing and dance) made up of thirteen boys. Their songs are really cute and happy, while they still add elements of rapping into their songs, which I think is pretty cool. What’s interesting about them is that one of the members (Woozi) writes and produces all of the songs, and another (Hoshi) choreographs all of the dance moves. I think they have an interesting look and a fresh,  and cheerful sound. I can’t get enough of their song Mansae, it’s so freaking cute! Oh my god!

2. 4Minute


4Minute is a girl idol group that makes me WEAK!!! Their songs are edgy, tough, and still hold an air of elegance. (Thanks to their amazing vocal unit) I really love their songs because they’re really confident and great to dance to. Again, they’re another group with designated rappers, which has become a popular thing in idol groups. My favorite song has to be Crazy. The freaking weird step move they do at the chorus is my favorite thing, idk why. UPDATE: 4minute officially disbanded this month

3. BTS


BTS, or Bangtan Boys are a wildly popular idol group. (They’re also the first kpop group I ever got into, so they’re very special to me) Their group consists of three main rappers and four singers. Their style changes a lot, which is nice, because it can be very refreshing after hearing the same style over and over. Their songs can range from being very soft and cute, to hard and aggressive. They have a great range of vocals, and their choreography is CRAZY!!! I think a song that showcases how hard these boys work is Dope. (Also, take a look at Cypher 3 to see the rappers show their skills)

4. Big Bang


When people think of Kpop, they usually think of Big Bang. They’re one of the most popular kpop groups to date, and I’m pretty sure they know it. Their music videos and photo shoot concepts are always super bizarre, sometimes I can’t help but laugh. Nevertheless, dispite how many times something super weird happens in a video, or G-Dragon wears something super weird, their songs are always sure to get me hype. My favorite has to be Bang Bang Bang.

5. 2NE1


Pronounced, “Twenty-One” or “To Any One” (Clever, right?) I can only describe them as fabulous. These girls SLAY MY LIFE! Like Big Bang, they’re wildly popular, you might have heard their song I Am The Best in a commercial before. I love their sleek and sophisticated sound, yet it has a touch of cuteness in it. 2NE1 is definitely a group to start out with if you’re just getting into Kpop. They’re fun, there’s a lot of info on them, and they wear a lot of Moschino. (that’s not really a solid reason… but it makes me happy)

6. Cheetah



Besides idol groups, there are also underground performers. Cheetah, the winner of the female rap battle show Unpretty Rapstar, is a powerhouse of great lyrics, fierce attitude, and AMAZING eye makeup. (this girl is my QUEEN) Her style isn’t as aggressive as most underground rappers, but Cheetah has a style and flow that boasts confidence. I think a song that shows her talent the best would be Crazy Diamond, from her mixtape, Cheetah Itself.

7. Jessi


Jessi seems to be one of the most, if not the most popular up and coming female rapper in Korea at the moment. I’m in love with her deep voice, and I think she’s got the best stage presence of any underground female rapper. She came second place after Cheetah on Unpretty Rapstar, but she quickly became a fan favorite. Her song Ssenunni showed her strength (quite literally) as a rapper and I love the energy she has in her songs. It can be very contagious.

8. Yezi


Speaking of aggressive, Yezi is INSANE!! She was a contestant on the second season of Unpretty Rapstar, and blew everyone away! She’s cocky, her lyrics are so aggressive and angry I LOVE IT! She’s famous for being a member of girl group Firestar, but really made a name for herself when she performed her song Crazy Dog, which saved her from elimination. Ever since then, Yezi became known for her evil stare and lyrics that don’t hold back. AND I LOVE IT!! YEZI HAS NO FILTER AND IT’S GREAT


9. Kim Hyuna


Getting back to idols, there’s Hyuna. Who is also the face of the group 4minute, who I mentioned above. Her songs are very cute and girly, what you’d expect from an idol. You might recognize her from Psy’s viral video, Gangnam Style.  Her newest mini album A+ is quality work. It only has four songs, but there is a lot of growth in her music style. She got a lot sassier, and I’m loving her song Roll Deep, it’s really fun and the lyrics are kind of tough but still retaining that cuteness that is undeniably Kim Hyuna.

10. CL


MY REAL QUEEN!!! CL, or Lee Chae-rin is arguably the most popular female idol right now. Not only is her group, 2NE1 wildly successful, she’s also collaborated with American musicians like Skrillex and, and been seen at New York Fashion Week every year. She’s known for her song The Baddest Female, which is an absolute banger, but I prefer her newest song, Hello B*tches. It’s way more energetic, and the beat kind of sounds similar to The Baddest Female.  I love her clothing style, air of confidence, and fearlessness when it comes to trying new things with her music. CL is probably my favorite idol at the moment,  I cannot get enough of this girl!

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