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Everything We Do is Worldwide

Last Friday, a friend and I were lucky enough to go to the AOMG tour, featuring Loco, Simon D, Gray, and of course, Jay Park, who just released his album at the end of last year, titled Worldwide.

For those of you who don’t know what AOMG is, or who I’m talking about, AOMG, or Above Ordinary Music Group is a Korean record label created by Jay Park, an underground rapper, and most popular artists under that label (it seems more like a family) performed at the Playstation theater on April 8th.

The concert itself was okay. I think a lot of the songs that they performed weren’t really made for the stage, and a lot of people in the audience kept pushing and shoving their way to the front. Also 2 fights broke out. One before, and one during the concert. Jay had to stop the show and tell them to stop fighting. (how it started was freaking crazy) But I did enjoy myself when BO$$ and My started to play. I think besides Jay, my favorite artist was Loco. He’s such a cutie! He’s so polite and quiet but he has great stage presence with his open body language and contagious energy,  and he has such a powerful and cocky voice.

After the concert, there was an after party at Syndrom 42 and LET ME TELL YOU! We had a great time! We we had VIP tickets so we got in for 15 dollars, and we danced and laughed, it was a great time. (But I mean, I think any place with a lot of loud music where I can start dancing I can have a good time) The place was small, and water might have been SIX DOLLARS but hey, I really had a good time.

I think there’s something to be said about this concert. Most of the artists, in fact, all except one could not speak fluent english, and spoke mostly in Korean and no one in the audience complained, even though the majority had no idea what they were saying. They all made an effort to saying something in english, Simon even saying we were all part of his crew, and that we were family. I think a lot of people are turned off to Kpop and Korean hip hop because it’s in another language, but I think that night showed that language barriers don’t really matter when it comes to music. I implore that you should at least try Kpop or Khiphop to see if you like it. You may be surprised!




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