I’ve Got Worse Problems


I haven’t been an avid fan of Singer Carly Rae Jepsen. I mean, I sang along to Call Me Maybe, and I know the chorus to I Really Like You, but I never thought much about her songs. Until now. As an avid fan of future funk music, I fell in love with her song Boy Problems as soon as I heard the beat. And as a lover of feminism and girls supporting each other, I fell in love with the concept in a heartbeat. I think my favorite line is when she asks what’s worse? Losing your best friend, or your boyfriend? The song is about girls who constantly talk about their boy problems (obviously) and how they need to realize that there are worse problems out there.

Petra Collins directed this video, and created an amazing aesthetic that mixes retro 70s’ disco with the new 90s’ revival style of the 2010’s. It’s really fun and extremely cute. I’m also LOVING the diversity!! This could have easily been a song with a bunch of white girls, but it wasn’t! And the black girls were actually dark! I’m really happy with the song, but I think I’m loving the music video far more.

You can listen to the song here, trust me, it’s adorable and amazing and I love it

Featured gif from Tumblr

Top picture also from tumblr


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