Strange People, Strange Town

I’m a big fan of creepy things, and to me, there’s nothing creepier than the notorious podcast, Welcome to Night Vale.

Welcome To Night Vale is a podcast that has been going on since 2012, and has a very odd theme. The mysterious, yet cheerful, radio personality Cecil Palmer reads the news of the strange, fictional desert town of Night Vale… and talks about his boyfriend, Carlos, the scientist. (We have no idea what Cecil looks like, he has no cannon appearance)  Regular news includes a five headed dragon being ticketed for speeding, a glowing cloud dropping dead animals can become your god, and the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex opening a new skating rink.

I really love this podcast, from the odd mystery, to the dark humor Cecil presents. Sometimes, Night Vale is a town where even the weirdest stuff is considered normal (except street cleaning day.) which I think adds to what makes it so interesting. I think what I like most though, is that they’ll have very powerful or very touching moments, and it’s amazing because I’ve grown attached to this weird fake town where people are ordered by the law to eat at a pizza restaurant at least once a week.

Check out Welcome to Nightvale Here

P.S. Listen to it before looking it up, so you can create your own idea of what Cecil looks like. (tell me what you think he looks like!)

Featured Image from tumblr


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