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Late to the Party, But At Least I Showed Up


A couple days ago, I finally watched the documentary, “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer” and I fell in love with high fashion all over again! And put more fuel into my obsession with Moschino.

For those of you who don’t know, Jeremy Scott is the creative director for Moschino, and he also has his own brand, named after him. The movie was about Scott’s humble beginnings, his rise to fame, and the ideas behind his iconic work. It features stars like Katy Perry, A$AP Rocky, Paris Hilton, Rihanna (QUEEN)  and  girl group, 2NE1’s leader, CL (Another queen) who all adore, and wear Jeremy Scott’s clothes.

As soon as I saw their spring/summer 2015 line, (The Barbie one) I instantly fell in love with Scott’s bold and humorous take on high fashion.

Honestly, wardrobe goals

He doesn’t take himself or high fashion too seriously. He wants it to be fun! Jeremy Scott embodies what I love about fashion, and what I think fashion truly is. It’s not about trying to fit in or wear what’s “in” it’s about expressing yourself and doing what you want! For example, in the documentary, after Jeremy’s first Moschino line, aptly labeled “Fast Fashion” the critics hated it! But he stated that he wasn’t making his clothing for the critics. He made clothes for the people who were going to wear them.

Fast Fashion (ok but how could you not think this was genius??)

I’d really love to run a fashion house, and implement that same idea. That fashion isn’t about trying to adhere to what critics want to see, it’s about expressing yourself and doing what you love for other people with the same ideals.

The documentary is on Netflix, and I suggest you watch it if you love high fashion, or are a giant Moschino fan like me!

Tell me what you thought about it if you’ve seen the movie!

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