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I’m Goth, But Like… Aesthetic Goth.

Nu Goth. It’s like the hipster version of your friendly neighborhood Industrial Goth and I’m LIVING FOR IT!! I’ve always been a big fan of black clothes and gothic/punk aesthetics, and I love the mixing of the more stylized mainstream fashion trends, like wide brim fedora hats, and high waisted shorts, with gothic staples like giant platform shoes, and dark motifs such as moons, skulls, and crosses. The result is a look that reminds of the clothing styles from American Horror Story: Coven. The only thing about this style that I’m disliking is the constant pictures of white girls with dreadlocks, which is it cultural appropriation and should be stopped. But besides that, I love seeing the creativity and culture clashes between two things that seem like they shouldn’t mix.

There’s been a lot of people disliking this look because traditional Goth is not considered just a fashion trend, but instead it’s a lifestyle. Many argue that that Nu Goth takes away from that idea, and makes it more mainstream, which is what Goth is really against. I personally don’t see the big deal. I don’t think in this case, mixing a style with a different style takes away from either original entities. I think it just creates something new! (like Pop Punk or Soft Grunge)

I think I’ll have to find some pieces to create a Nu Goth look and see how I like it…

Here’s a conveniently named website called that gives a more extensive look into Nu Goth as a subculture instead of just a style.

Pictures from x x x x x x x

and Kina Shen’s Instagram


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