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Hello, my name is Laurel, and I love cartoons more than the average 19 year old. I think I watch more cartoons than actual tv shows made for my age. I just really like fun kooky things! And those fun kooky things usually happen within some kid’s cartoon. So if you’re like me, you might be wondering what other cartoons you should watch! A lot of these shows do have the same theme, but they each have an interesting take on it. So I’m here with my list of totally rad shows that you should look into! I’m skipping Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Gravity Falls because I feel like those shows are a given. (this will be a long post btw)

First up, Star vs. The Forces of Evil


This is a magical girl show about a princess from another dimension, named Star Butterfly, who was given her family’s heirloom wand on her fourteenth birthday. After setting her castle on fire, her parents thought she’d be safer staying on Earth. She and her new friend, Marco Diaz fight evil and go on adventures in other dimensions.

Star Vs The Forces of Evil is a Disney Channel (yeah, disney channel) show that I was kind of skeptical on initially. Because of the art style I thought I knew this was a show I was going to dislike, but fell in love with it as soon as I watched it. It’s super silly and goofy, but that’s what I love about it.  I really love it because it’s a show about a girl who is super girly, cutesy, and feminine, but also is not afraid to fight or do things that aren’t traditionally female (like fighting monsters). I also love how she’s hyperactive and excitable, you never see girls like that in tv shows now, they’re always the voice of reason. (which sucks bc girls should be allowed to be goofy and silly)

The next show I really like is Rick and Morty


Rick and Morty is a show on Adult Swim (so I wouldn’t show it to your kids this.) At it’s core, Rick and Morty is a show about Rick, a genius scientist, taking his grandson, Morty, a fourteen year old boy, on potentially dangerous intergalactic adventures.

It can get kind of dark and the jokes are sometimes pretty raunchy, but it’s hilarious none the less. (I’m a big fan of the alien names like “Dr. Glipglop” and I don’t know why) It’s a tongue-in-cheek show and I love it! This show has a lot of fun characters and weird stuff going on, and at first I thought “oh great, it’s just Family Guy but in space” but after hearing a lot of people who hate everything Seth Macfarlane has  made, rave about this show, I decided to give it a try. I cannot pick my favorite episode for this show, it’s amazing. I wouldn’t say this show’s exactly tasteful, but it’s definitely something worth giving a try.



Bravest Warriors is a cartoon on Youtube from Cartoon Hangover. You might recognize the art style from that of Adventure Time, that’s because Cartoon Hangover partners with Frederator who produced Adventure Time, along with many other famous cartoons. This show is about Beth, Wallow, Danny, and Chris. Four friends who travel through space helping people on different planets.

You may see that I have a little bit of a love for Sci Fi. If you really like Adventure Time, watch Bravest Warriors. It’s really fun and has a completely different vibe from Adventure Time, which I love, because even though their art style is the same, their shows are VERY different!

We Bare Bears is probably as adolescent as I get


While the name of the show sounds very childish, We Bare Bears is a cute show about three brothers, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear, who are trying to live in human society.

This show is so adorable and does a great job with diversity. They also eat a lot of delicious looking food. It’s jokes are amazing and the characters are lovable. (I identify with Grizzly a lot.) If you’re looking for something cute to watch, and not really looking for something with a plot to get invested in, do yourself a big favor and watch We Bare Bears.

Bob’s Burgers does NOT get as much love as it deserves. So I’m here to give it some credit!


(this is probably the most accurate depiction of this show) Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon on Fox that’s about the slightly weird and offbeat Belcher family who run a burger restaurant. The art style may be a little awkward, but I think it works for the show. This is another show that’s geared towards adults rather than kids, but it doesn’t rely on offensive jokes and terrible stereotypes.

I really can’t pick my favorite character! They’re all so weird and complex and funny in their own way. All the gags are funny, laugh out loud funny! I think everybody should give Bob’s Burgers a real shot!

I’ve mentioned Bee and Puppycat before, but here’s more info


Bee and Puppycat is another Cartoon Hangover show, (which means it’s only on youtube) created by Natasha Allegri, about a girl named Bee, who’s completely disatisfied with her life, and her magical cat (or dog…? or whatever) who go on magical adventures for temp work. I love the colors and the beautiful art style for this show. (I will definitely be doing a Dream!Bee cosplay in the future) It’s really goofy, and packs a lot in the six short episodes.

Bee and Puppycat is my favorite cartoon! It’s goofy, beautiful, and also it has magical girls so I’m hooked! While they only release 2 episodes a season, I think that they do a great job with keeping the show light and fun but sometimes adding something a little darker or a little weird into the mix. 10/10 would recommend.

And last, but not least, Over The Garden Wall!


It’s about two brothers, Wirt and Greg, trying to find their way home. While this show was only a mini series, (spanning 10 episodes) It still holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. The show is really creepy and weird, with a great art style, and a lot of fun lines. This is the kind of show I don’t really want to give too much info on, I just want people to watch it and find out for themselves. And that’s a rock fact!

I think Over The Garden Wall has to be one of my favorite cartoons because it’s on Cartoon Network, but that doesn’t stop it from being terrifying at times. I really love shows that aren’t afraid to have a bit of macabre in it. OTGW has that macabre factor, but it can still pull together an adorable joke here or there. (The potatoes and molasses song is stuck in my head and I’m not mad about it) This one has my highest recommendation!

Comment if I missed any shows you like! I’ll check them out! Or if you agree with my recommendations.

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