Virtual Bands Are The Best Bands.


I have a weird obsession with bands and groups with really weird gimmicks, and fictional music groups. (I’m looking at you, Gorillaz) The European pop group Studio Killers combines the 2 and provides AMAZING music. I recently found out about them and I’m SO SAD that I didn’t find out sooner, because they are a new obsession of mine.

The band consists of Cherry, who provides vocals, keyboardist, Goldie Foxx, and Dyna Mink, their DJ. (And their manager, Bi Polar Bear) The group produces amazing power pop songs about love, heartbreak, and irritating Club Bouncers.

Their first album, which came out 2 years ago. (I NEED for them to come back, holy crap!!) was a beautiful introduction to this eclectic and quirky group. The beat is pure electro-pop, but mixes in other instruments, including piano and steel drums. Cherry’s breathy and raspy voice, and beautiful, and sometimes comedic lyrics always make me feel like I’m somewhere else. Their amazing power ballads leave me completely breathless. (I can hardly describe them, words were not made for this.) My favorite songs have to be Funky At Heart, Jenny, Who’s In Your Heart Now? , and All Men Are Pigs

In their music videos, the art styles vary and I really enjoy that. Most of them include Cherry with some amazing rainbow tears, dancing and singing, with small cameos from the fox and the mink. The band would usually make transmissions via youtube, sharing videos of their concerts, information about their Society6 store, and small segments from the members.

I think there something to be said about Cherry, she’s a plus-sized girl who’s presented as being glamorous, and fashion-foreward. She doesn’t try and adhere to the male gaze, (she doesn’t like men in general) and she’s very confident in herself and her fashion sense. (you HAVE to check out her outfit videos) I think that’s also partially why I’m so into them. Because they don’t try to be something amazing, it seems very effortless.

If you love Electro-Pop, or Fictional bands, (even if you don’t you need to check them out omg) here’s their youtube pageFacebook, Society6, Soundcloud, and Tumblr.


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