Hair and Beauty

*Wears Igari Makeup So I Don’t Have to Go to School*

Hangover Makeup, or Igari makeup, has become an international trend that got it’s start in Japan and South Korea. It started out as girls enhancing their lower eyelids (in South Korea it’s called “charming fat”) to make them appear puffier, but now, it’s evolved into girls trying to make themselves look sick!  The look is achieved by enhancing the bags under your eyes, and putting red or orange blush under your eyes. Sometimes, girls will smudge their eyeliner to make it look like they’ve slept in a full face of makeup! The effect is looking slightly sick and in need of care, almost helpless. (I’m not a big fan of that part. But I do think it’s cute)

As a girl who hardly EVER wears makeup, I can say I really love this trend and I am dying to try it out. I’ve always been a fan of under-eye blush like the model Rin Rin Doll often sports. I think I’ll have to buy some orange blush and try this look out for myself.

Here are my two favorite hangover makeup tutorials! One is just a basic Hangover makeup tutorial, and the other one has a cute twist to it!

Pictures are from the Daily Mail, Minq, wengie, and Huffington Post


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