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Warning!! This may contain Spoilers!!!


Yesterday I finally saw the long-awaited Batman v Superman movie, and LET ME TELL YOU! Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) had a whopping 7 minutes of screen time in the movie, and still stole the show! (but more on that later)

As one of the people who came purely to see Diana Prince slay my life, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie as a whole. The cinematography was beautiful. As was the lighting. In a lot of superhero movies, (*cough cough* THOR *cough*) the lighting can get very dark to the point of not being able to see what’s going on. This movie did a very good job of keeping it bright enough to see. Also, Lois Lane’s character was not the helpless wimpy girl that people are used too. She’s actually proactive in helping in any way she can. I didn’t hate Superman’s character, (Which says a lot bc I can’t stand Superman) and I was a HUGE fan of how they introduced Doomsday and the other members of the Justice League (SO EXCITED FOR THE FLASH AND CYBORG, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND) And the sound track?? ON POINT! Wonder Woman’s theme is definitely my favorite, and I’m not even being biased. Zack Snyder did a really good job with this, and I really loved how they didn’t try and be Marvel and add a bunch of comic relief every five minutes.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot did a great job I’m so happy! She was very accurate with her character, where Batman and Superman were too busy brooding, Wonder Woman (Aka Diana Prince) was getting stuff done. (as per usual) In her fight scene, I was very afraid of 2 things: 1. They wouldn’t use her Lasso, and that she’d be written off as weaker than either of the other two. Both worries subsided! They did use her golden lasso of truth, and she fought, in my opinion, the BEST! When she was hit, she got right back up, and her moves weren’t sexualized like other heroines are. On top of all of this, her outfits were ON FLEEK I CAN’T EVEN. Diana Prince was dressed impeccably at all times and it was great.

(Like, come on. Look at her.) I think there has been so much praise for her, that I think we may be seeing a lot more comic book heroines gracing the screen soon!! (fingers crossed for Gotham Sirens!!)

Now, there were a couple of things that irritated me with this movie. Number one being Lex Luthor. I stand by my opinion that Jesse Eisenberg was not a good fit for the roll. Luthor is supposed to be power hungry and very in control. This Luthor was twitchy and awkward and almost psychotic. This doesn’t really work because between Batman and Superman, Batman has the psychotic villain, (Joker) and if Superman has one too, I think it’d be slightly repetitive. Another thing that kind of ticked me off is that they referenced a lot of things that didn’t make sense…? Like Batman’s suit that Joker covered in graffiti. What was that a reference to? The Christian Bale Movies??? (and Joker didn’t even spray paint his suit in that movie!) Also, the religious imagery was very much overdone. Every five minute someone was mentioning man or gods or demons, it got very played out after the first quarter of the movie. Also, while Gadot gave a stunning performance, her build was disappointing. Wonder Woman is an amazonian warrior princess. So shouldn’t she be a lot more muscular? Also, everything about Batman seemed very bulky and awkward, from his suit, to his car, to Ben Affleck himself, everything seemed hard to move in. (also Alfred looked way younger than expected) I also really wanted to see Clark Kent wrestle with his humanity a bit, he kind of got lost in the whole movie.

A lot of people said they were disappointed with this movie. Some people even complaining because it’s not like the Marvel movies. (DC and Marvel are 2 very separate comic book companies) Or that it was just a big commercial for the other DC movies in the works, but I do think as a whole, this was a good movie. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue listening to Wonder Woman’s theme until her movie comes out.

*Featured gif from here

*Wonder Woman Suit picture from Here



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