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Yume Kawaii’s Taking Over

The streets of Harajuku have been a place where the people of Japan can rebel against the social norms, and express themselves through colorful street fashions, ranging from dark and dramatic, to adorably pastel. Recently, one of the newest fashions popping up is called “Yume Kawaii”, or “dreamy cute”.  It’s full of cute pastels, and sometimes, has a darker twist. Sometimes, it goes hand in hand with Mehera style.

I’m still learning about the different things that make up yume kawaii, it seems like a less decorated version of Fairy Kei or Mahou Kei. I do like how it can be slightly darker or creepier. (which is classified as Yami kawaii) One clothing trend I do notice in the style is oversized crewneck sweaters and hoodies and knee highs. As a girl who’s 5 feet tall and loves it, I find oversized clothing to be the best things in life. Also, modified school uniforms and randoseru backpacks seem to be a popular trend in this style. (I’m in love with cute school uniforms, don’t get me started) I’ll have to keep exploring this style and figuring out it’s limits. (I think I’m so used to lolita, which is such a strict and precise style, that this confuses me because of how fluid it is)

*Pictures from these tumblr blogs: x x x x x


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