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A Collective Groan.


I have waited, YEARS for  Wonder Woman to grace the silver screen. And when the Batman and Superman movie came out, and I heard she was in it, I was overjoyed! However, I just found out that in the new Wonder Woman movie, (that’s right! An entire movie dedicated to this beautiful Amazonian princess) all the other amazons are going to be white. As a fan of the comics, I can’t even fathom why Hollywood would make this choice. (other than the obvious ones…) It just makes it seem like this movie is going to be empowering for white feminists. I mean, I think it can be empowering for other girls, but I think it will make a smaller impact that what it could potentially make. It leaves me a bit disappointed to see this casting option. Even in the DC Bombshell comics (which takes place in the 1940s for crying out loud!) had even a slightly more diverse cast of girls.

Like… come on, there’s even a canonically black character named Phillipus! (they better not have casted one of the women in the picture as her, I will weep)

Do you know how cool it would be to see some amazing WOC amazonian women fighting with their multi colored hair and different array of body types, skin colors, and hair textures? (IMAGINE THE HAIR OMG)  That would be such a GREAT movie to show people! It’d be so powerful. A movie about an entire world of female warriors, and they’d be diverse too! While I still hope the movie has more to offer, and will continue to try and support it so we can hopefully get more female superheroes on the screen, (I want my Gotham City Sirens movie) I do think this is a big step backwards in terms of equality.

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