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My “Princess In Training” coordinate for the macaron crawl with the New York Lolitas! My whole theme was like “I’m not like, a traditional elegant princess/queen, but I’m ALMOST THERE!”

I really love this skirt, it’s my first time wearing sweet lolita and I actually like it.  Besides the skirt, I think my favorite part of the outfit are the shoes, (Alice and The Pirates) I love the heels! They remind me of cute little teapots for some reason…? I’m glad I went with this kind of bow instead of the flat-ish kind of headbow because it seems more princess-like. I think I wanna go further with this coord and make it more Rococo-esque and get a crown, and a sceptre, and some cute macaron rings that I saw on Storenvy.

Coordinate Rundown:

Bow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Wig: Dark Matter on Storenvy

Blouse: Alice and the Pirates

Skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright


Shoes: Alice and the Pirates


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