Living La Dolce Vita


The anniversary of Marina and the Diamonds’ third album, Froot, recently passed, and the end of the Neon Nature Tour draws near. Because I didn’t have this blog when the album was first promoted, I thought I’d take the time and give my thoughts on this iconic album.

When Marina Diamandis  first announced her album, I’d like to say I was ecstatic to hear it. But sadly, I was far too busy being bitter with the fact that the Electra Heart era was finally over. Now I feel really stupid because Froot is probably the best thing she’s ever produced. (Even though Electra Heart will always be my favorite) Her ethereal vocals and beautiful lyrics grew even stronger with the birth of Froot. Everything in this album was undeniably Marina. From the outrageous sequinned bodysuits and neon clothing she donned on tour, to the beats that remind me a little of 7os’ disco. Sometimes, it would sound as if there was nothing else in the room, except for her voice and a haunting repeat of the chorus.

Some of my favorite tracks are Happy, Froot, and Blue. (subsequently, three of the first tracks on the album) I really love the echo that can be heard in Happy, it’s so emotional and such an uplifting song with a vulnerable tone. I’m absolutely in love with Froot. From the provocative lyrics, to the beautiful music video, to the way it’s spelled. (Diamindis believed that “fruit” seemed too serious. “Froot” was more artificial, and she liked the idea of mixing artificial things and natural things) Froot is a song that can only be described as magical. And Blue, (my absolute favorite) contains some catchy lines that almost remind me of Electra Heart, (give me love, give me dreams, give me a good self esteem) but still stay true to Marina’s more confident and self assured identity that she presents in Froot. It’s got a very disco aesthetic to it, from the dancing in the video, to the actual beat itself. I can’t get enough of Blue!

If you love Halsey, Melanie Martinez, or Lana Del Rey, the next logical step should be to listen to Marina and the Diamonds. The amount of effort and passion she puts into her work is so amazing. I can’t wait to see what she’ll create next!

Here is her Youtube page, (I’d suggest listening to Family Jewels, then Electra Heart, and then Froot, to see how she’s progressed in music) and this is her official website with the rest of her links.

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