Little Body, Big Heart


Melanie Martinez just released another music video from her debut album, this time, it’s the titular track, Crybaby. I’m a little on the fence about Melanie’s songs, but I can’t deny that her music videos aren’t amazing to watch, and her overly-exaggerated concepts always seem to draw me in. So naturally, I was excited to see the music video for one of my favorite tracks.

Objectively, this was a great music video, from the creepy rabbit doctor, to Crybaby’s room filling with tears,(which reminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland) this video had Melanie’s aesthetics all over it. I think she does a great job of having a full and direct idea of what she wants to do for her videos. I believe she’s got a whole world planned out for Crybaby, and you can tell she’s dedicated and loves the concept because of how thought out her videos are.

The video opens with Crybaby’s mother at the doctor’s office, giving birth. After a black-eyed nurse notifies her that it’s a girl, her mother complains, “Oh God… she’s a crybaby!” A little boy, presumably Crybaby’s brother, decides that’s the name she’d have for life, and writes “crybaby” on her birth certificate. Next, we see the first glimpse of Crybaby, a fully grown Melanie Martinez in a baby crib, with her signature split wig. Then the video proceeds to show Crybaby playing in her room, her refusal to eat her baby food (While crammed into a tiny high chair)  of course, her crying.

Personally, this is my least favorite music video. I thought the beginning hospital scene was great, but the rest I was a little disappointed. I thought I’d see Crybaby growing up, or a little bit more of her interacting with others, (perhaps her brother or her father…?)  I thought it just seemed a little rushed, I guess I was expecting more than what I was given. I think, conceptually, I’m just not a fan of people pretending to be babies, it’s just a little bit creepy. But it’s Melanie, and slightly unsettling things wrapped in cuteness are her calling card. But I was a fan of the stuffed animals coming to life and attacking Crybaby, and the dollhouse overflowing with tears, and I’m now obsessed with the black eyed nurse. (she’s so freaking cool looking, I wanna be her friend) But despite my criticisms, I do suggest you check out the music video, along with her other songs. (Definitely check out her other music videos, oh my GOD)

Here’s the link to the video!

Featured Picture from youtube.

Second picture is from tumblr


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