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I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Moschino. The bold colors, outlandish concepts, and unique designs have always been something I look forward to. But in their Fall ready to wear line in Milan, Jeremy Scott seems to have taken a different approach to this season, with his new show which was aptly named, “Burnout”. Instead of hot pinks and bright yellows, Scott settles for black, deep reds, and greys. The overall aesthetic seemed to be inspired by 90’s grunge and punk fashion.

The more casual streetwear looks featured fabrics like leather, denim and cotton, mixed with bold pops of color and silkier, more luxurious fabrics. Moschino created the first high fashion girl gang with this collection, and I’m LIVING FOR IT. (We do need more girl gangs in high fashion. It’s the truth) Models wore ensembles featuring biker caps that had the word “Warrior” written haphazardly in white, fishnets, sheer or mesh tank tops, and tee shirts. Phone cases and bags were plays on cigarette cases, and were of course, rebranded by Moschino, with the warning “Fashion Kills” replacing the usual “smoking kills” at the bottom of the case.

Some of my favorite streetwear looks:

I read on Vogue’s website, that Scott took inspiration from a fire in Italy during the renaissance period, where monks burned everything related to beauty, including art, books, and of course, clothing.  The gowns and formal wear were a big example of this. The dresses looked tattered and ripped up, almost as if the girls were in a fight before they went on the runway! They also had burn marks,(I guess the fight before the show also included fire, which is mad cool). Clouds of fog were also emitted from the dresses, so the smoky atmosphere could continue down the catwalk. To achieve this awesome effect, the models had portable smoke machines hidden under their skirts. For some reason the entire theme reminds me of Phantom of the Opera. I don’t know why, I don’t remember there being a giant fire in the play, but that’s what I associate these gowns with.

Here are some of my favorite formal looks:

I am in love with this line, Moschino has once again taken a simple concept, and made it a huge deal and a very creative, and almost comedic show!

Fun fact! The Chandelier dress was made up of 80,000 Swarovski  crystals (imagine having enough money to just make a gown with over a thousand swarovski crystals…)


*Images from Fashion Week Daily, and Fashionisters


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