I Only Eat Cute Things.

Last Wednesday, after class, I went down to Chinatown (one of my favorite places to go) and I stopped by T-Swirl Crepe on Mott Street. (It’s right next to 10 Below, which is also super amazing but I’ll talk about them some other time) T-Swirl makes cute, almost artistic Japanese style crepes that come in either savory styles, which you can have for lunch. They’re usually filled with some kind of vegetable, maybe eggs, or meat, or seafood. Or sweet crepes, that are filled with berries ice cream, yogurt, or nuts. All the crepes are gluten free and made with rice flour instead of regular flour, and they have vegetarian  options. (not so sure about vegan)

My personal favorite is the Matcha Azuki Bean, I think it’s because whenever I eat anything with green tea in it, I feel like I’m being healthy, even though I’m literally eating a bunch of ice cream and custard wrapped in a big flat pancake. (Does anyone else get that feeling? That you’re healthy when you eat something that’s supposed to be like a “health food” even though it isn’t?) Anyways, the Matcha Azuki Bean crepe comes to around $8.5o after tax. Everyone who works there is super friendly and really quick with making such fancy looking food. (the first time I went there, I honestly didn’t want to eat it because it looked so pretty) All in all, T-Swirl Crepe is 10/10, 2 thumbs up,  good family fun.

If you want to check out T-Swirl, here’s their website. Check their store locations page to see if there’s a place near you!

*picture is from T-swirl Crepe Gallery page


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