Hair and Beauty · Social Justice

The Natural Movement

For some time now, black girls, (including myself) have been embracing their naturally curly hair as part of a movement that rebels against eurocentric beauty standards.  This movement, started around 2015, and has grown to be seen as stylish, cool, and even trendy! Even celebrities (I see you Solange) have been showing off their beautiful hair in the occasional selfie. (I see you too, Amadla and Zendaya). Beyonce’s iconic Super Bowl Halftime performance featured all black backup dancers with big, beautiful, curly hair! (or, as Bey put it, “baby hair and afro”) I love the idea of black girls rocking their kinky curly hair. Especially when we live in a time where some believe there’s not much you can do with black hair,(That’s so wrong I can’t even explain it) or that it only looks good on other people. From Bantu knots, to full on afros, black girls everywhere have been showing off the versatility of their natural hair. I really hope the natural movement stays for a while, it’s so wonderful and empowering to see!

*Pictures from (from left to right) CNN, naturallycurly tumblrcurlology, teen vogue, and rollingout



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