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Why Can’t I Ever Dream About Food?


When Bee and Puppycat first debuted on Cartoon Hangover’s Youtube channel, fans fell in love instantly with it’s cuteness, relatability, magical fantasy elements and it’s ability to be slightly unsettling or creepy, and retain it’s lovable and comedic nature. I personally fell in love with Bee’s cute outfits, Deckard’s everything, and the super chill soundtrack by Baths. (I honestly want a soundtrack for my life made by them because I could listen to “Bee’s Dream” all day.) Sadly, there’s not that much merchandise for the cartoon, besides fan-created tee shirts and plushies on We Love Fine. But luckily, Natasha Allegri has answered my prayers and produced Easy Eats: A Bee and Puppycat Cookbook. (The word that really attracted me was “easy”) I was so excited to hear the news, I actually let out a pretty loud “YEEEEEEESSSS” when I saw the news on tumblr.

I like the idea of a cookbook because while Bee and Puppycat is a show based on intergalactic travel, food seems to be a big motivator for both Bee and her pet (whatever it is).  (They watch an entire show based on some guy eating lunch so… it’s a perfect fit) The book itself is divided into three separate sections; main dishes, snacks, and sweets. (VERY excited for sweets) While the book’s not out yet, it is set for pre-order on Amazon, at $16.95. I’m so excited for this cookbook to come out! And I’ll definitely do a review of the recipes once I get my hands on it!

Here’s the page to pre-order the cookbook on Amazon

*Featured gif from tumblr

*Top image from



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