What’s Lolita??

Ok, if you read my “About” page, (which you totally should because there’s a really cute picture of me on it) or if you saw my post about my new skirt, You probably saw the term “Lolita” and you may be wondering 1 of 3 things.

  1. “What’s Lolita?”
  2. Oh god, is she a weeaboo?
  3. Oh god, is she a living doll?

And the answer to the bottom two are “Dear God, I hope not” and “Nah son, living doll is a whole different thing”

The answer to the first one is a bit more elaborate. Lolita is a Japanese street fashion that was based on French Rococo and Victorian fashion styles, but it has a modern Japanese aesthetic to it. Lolita is characterized by big, poufy skirts, and enough bows and frills to last you a life time. The style itself is feminine as hell, and the central theme of lolita is being as cute as possible, or in Japanese, “kawaii”. Also, Lolita comes in many different sub-styles that each adhere to their own colors, motifs, and aesthetics.

But there are Three main styles within Lolita as well.
There’s Sweet Lolita,  

which is very pastel, girly, and features a lot of pastel pinks, baby blues, lavenders, and motifs include flowers, candy, fruit, and animals. An example of a Sweet Lolita brand would be the infamous Angelic Pretty, or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Sweet Lolita seems to be the most popular sub-style in the lolita community. Most brands produce sweet lolita items.

There’s Classic Lolita,  

I think classic lolita is like Sweet’s older, and more mature sister. Classic lolita is probably the most subdued lolita style, it’s far less outrageous than sweet or gothic. Colors are usually ivory, green, brown, or a dusty pink. Classic prints include towns, candles, cameos, antiques, or flowers. Innocent World is a pretty popular Classic Lolita brand.

And then, there’s my favorite, Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita is just like the name suggests, but is more like victorian Gothic styles, rather than American industrial Goth. Colors include black, (obviously), dark reds, deep purples, navy, and white. Motifs popular in gothic Lolita are stain glass windows, churches, crosses, bats, or anything vampire related. It’s got a very “Evil but Cute” sort of vibe, which is totally my aesthetic so of course it’s my favorite. An example of a Gothic Lolita brand would be Alice and the Pirates, or Moi Meme Moitie.

People who wear lolita usually say they find it empowering, some say they wear it like armor for a battle. (WHICH SOUNDS SO FREAKING COOL)  When lolita first arrived on the streets in Japan, the idea that being was considered beautiful, meant simultaneously being considered sexy, was quite prevalent around the world. Lolita became a rebellion against that very idea. And instead, pushing the idea that a person can be beautiful, cute, or pretty without being sexualized. I think lolita is a very feminist style. It’s a style that really makes you dress for yourself, instead of other people. Lolita fashion is a style that doesn’t adhere to the male gaze, sometimes the only skin showing could be your face. It’s a style that I think focuses on what the person wearing it thinks is beautiful.

If you want more info on lolita, please check out this cool mini documentary on youtube called “Sugar Coated” or, this video by Fusion TV . Both give really neat insight on the fashion.

*first picture is from Princess Peachie, the second one is from Deerstalker Pictures, and the third is from Tokyo Fashion


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