Can Their Songs Move People?

F.E.M.M., or Far East Mention Mannequins, are an electrifying pop duo with a rather unusual gimmick. The two performers, Riri (called the “Warrior”) and Lula ( a “Housekeeping” mannequin) are singing and dancing latex clad mannequins with the tagline, “Do dolls have feelings? Can their songs move people?” Oh yeah, and they vow to rescue mannequins from human use. (I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this) The two girls and their respective agents (who are the mannequins’ voices because of course, mannequins can’t talk) create amazing commercial pop songs, that are all in English, because it’s a more “universal” language. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, they do keep up the gimmick in public. (They’re carried on and off stage, and also posed into their starting positions)

The reason I’m completely obsessed with this group is not because of their odd sci-fi-ish backstory, but the actual music itself! Their most popular song, Fxxk Boyz Get Money, (which they call a girl power anthem) talks about focusing on your career, and the things you want instead of a relationship,  lines like, “My money is where my mind is at oh I’m never gonna be your wife tossing all the boys off to the side” are so powerful to sing out loud, I’m in love! Their first full album, Femm-isation is on iTunes and youtube. I suggest you check out the songs We Flood the Night, Wannabe, Kiss the Rain, and Astroboy (a personal favorite of mine)

Their newest E.P. released two singles and two respective music videos. The first, “PoW!” was such a bop, it’s so fresh and slightly cheesy and gets stuck in your head rather quickly. It’s the epitome of the term “bubblegum pop”.  The second single, L.C.S. was a far more provocative song, (with a weirdly provocative music video…) the song was a complete contrast to the first one, instead of bubbly and cutesy, L.C.S. is darker, grittier, and far sleeker. I honestly don’t know which one I prefer… it depends on the mood.

Overall, I think FEMM is a really great entertainment duo. Their dance moves go from twerking, go vogueing to a very complex and rigid sort of dancing, that really does make you wonder if they are actually mannequins. All of their songs have music videos that are amazing to watch, and  Their songs are very commercial and just plain fun to listen to!

Here’s their Youtube Channel, and their official website

Check them out if you’re interested

*featured gif from tumblr.

*Top gif from Youtube


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