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New Skirt!!!

I recently reserved a skirt from the Japanese brand, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright’s new collection, Marie Antoinette~Splendid Portrait of Beauty Queen~ (I know, it’s a long title.) And I finally was able to pick it up from the NYC Store (the address will be at the bottom of this post) This skirt is honestly new bae. I don’t need anyone, all I need is this skirt. It’s so detailed and girly, I can’t get enough of it! I usually wear Gothic Lolita, and but I have such a love for Marie Antoinette and Rococo aesthetics that I ditched the bats and crosses and dove head first into the world of sweet Lolita, if only for a moment. All of the colorways, (Ivory, Sax, Mint, and Navy) are still available at the NYC store, however, I’m not so sure about the San Francisco store though. If you’re into rococo stuff and really feminine prints I recommend this skirt. I’ll post outfit pictures when I get a chance to create a coordinate, since I still don’t wear a lot of sweet Lolita.

I’ve always loved going to the Baby NYC store, so whenever I reserve a skirt I pick it up there, and make a day out of it, since it’s in such a cool area. It’s got a lot of restaurants and even a Vivi’s across the street! (all I need to survive is their taro boba tea tbh) so I totally recommend taking a trip down there if you have the time.


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright NYC is at 158 Allen St. New York, NY

(I highly recommend you pay it a visit if you love Japanese street fashion like I do)

*pictures from Baby’s New York Website

And btw, if you type the address into Apple maps, idk about google maps, (or android maps or whatever) it will show up as Tokyo Rebel. Don’t freak out, when this happens. Baby shares their space with Tokyo Rebel, which I also recommend you check out.


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