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If you’re like me, you LOVE the movie clueless. (Hell, I have the soundtrack on vinyl) Everything from the characters, to the buzzwords and slang that the writers coined themselves. But one thing that sets Clueless apart from other iconic “mean girl” movies like Heathers, Jawbreaker, or even Mean Girls, is the costuming. Yes, you could argue that those movies have their own unique way of styling their characters, but Clueless had something special. The popular kids at Bronson Alcott High School treated school like a fashion show. From loud colors, feather trims, to shiny pvc skirts. This movie honestly has the most #looks I’ve ever seen in one movie oh my god. From Cher’s white Calvin Klein dress and sheer “jacket” (I don’t know what it is, honestly) to Dionne’s leopard suit with shorts, and of course,the iconic matching plaid ensemble.

If you’ve always wanted to don your own  plaid skirt and blazer set, you’re in luck! An online store based in Bangkok makes Clueless inspired tartan sets ranging in a lot of different colors, not just Cher’s yellow and Dionne’s black.Image of Made To Order - Cher Yellow Tartan Blazer & Skirt Set

(cue the aria of angels singing)

They also make loads of other cute products, from Cheerleader sets, to matching PVC outfits that I so desperately need. I’ve bought from them once before, my order took MONTHS to get here, but it was worth the wait. I ordered a cute  pink Tartan blazer and skirt, and a “Team Plastic” cheerleader set. The quality is SO good, so if you don’t mind the wait, I’d try and order from Glitters For Dinner ASAP.

The only drawbacks to their stuff is that it is quite pricy, a full clueless set is $95.00 and a cheerleader outfit is $75.00. Also, they don’t carry plus sizes at the moment, but they hope to raise their sizing up soon.

Here is their Bigcartel, and their Facebook page

*pictures from Glitters For Dinner Bigcartel page.

*Featured Gif from buzzfeed.


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