Formerly Known as Spazzkid

Mark Redito, FKA Spazzkid, is my favorite musician at the moment. He mainly makes chillwave and synthpop music, which he  refers to as “emo dance music” on his soundcloud. The last song he released was in 2015 and I’m super anxious to hear what he’s going to create next. The music from his first album, Desire, is so chill I feel like I’m floating. His second album, Promise, made me feel like I was in an episode of Steven Universe. (GOALS tbh) My current favorites are Candy Flavored Lips, and Kokeshi Doll from Desire, and Truly from Promise. (Truly is honestly everything right now, it keeps getting stuck in my head.) Redito’s songs are definitely for early mornings when the sun is just starting to rise, and late nights where you can almost feel sleep making your eyelids heavier and heavier.

Here’s his Soundcloud, his Bandcamp, and his Youtube channel

Check him out if what I said interests you.


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