Are Hit Clips or CD Players Next?

So, I was looking on Urban Outfitters website, not to buy anything, but just for ideas. (They’re expensive and have made many offensive clothing items multiple times, so I’m done) and I see that they’ve started selling cassette tapes. Yeah, like actual freaking cassette tapes and portable tape players. Marina And The Diamonds, The Weeknd, Halsey, and Kanye West have all put their latest albums on cassette tapes. I knew people were doing this before, like, Frnkiero andthe Cellabration put their first album, .Stomachaches. on vinyl and cassette tape. But I never thought it’d get to where urban outfitters is selling them.

Now, part of me is really into it because I think cassette tapes are cute aesthetically, and people who grew up with cassette tapes can get new cassette players and listen to their old NWA tapes again. (Or whatever you’re into) And I feel like I can’t be too critical because I do buy new vinyl records and bought a brand new Crosley Record player.  I just can’t kick the feeling that it’s just a thing to buy to show that u r hipster, even on the go! Or that vinyl just became too basic and you have to find something new to make you indie af.

And isn’t this such a weird order to go in? First Vinyl which was used in like, the 60s’ and 7os’, to Cassette tapes which were mainly used in the 80s’. Is the next thing gonna be Hit Clips or CD Players? At one point are we literally gonna come back to listening to music through a phone being the popular way to listen to music?  Then again, for artists that don’t make vinyl it’s like their music in physical form. Which I can definitely see being important, since most music is downloaded digitally. But are we really ready to deal with rewinding tapes again?

*Images from Purr Tapes Bandcamp


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